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YEC | The MacGuffin Escape | October 26th 2017


Summer is gone. Long gone. There’s a chill in the air. The dark nights are drawing in.

So where will the Young Executive Club go next?

Bournemouth’s Darkest Attraction: The MacGuffin Project.

What is The MacGuffin Project?

The MacGuffin Project offers you an escape from reality by immersing you into the dark but beautiful world of the long forgotten MacGuffin Carnival. It’s down to you and your team to work together, unravel the mysteries and overcome the challenges that unfold before you. Interact with machines, communicate with lost souls and piece together the past as you race against time to complete your missions.

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establish contacts and grow your business

Initially sponsored by Steele Raymond, PKF Francis Clark the aim of the YEC is to bring together up and coming professionals and business people in order for attendees to establish contacts with those at a similar level in local businesses.

Invitations have also been extended to people from outside of the immediate local area to assist with widening the networking opportunities of those who attend.

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