About YEC

Sponsored by Steele Raymond and PKF Francis Clark, the aim of the YEC is to bring together up and coming professionals and business people in order for attendees to establish contacts with those at a similar level in local businesses.

Invitations have been extended to people from outside of the immediate local area to assist with widening the networking opportunities of those who attend.

Many networking events in the local area are mainly attended by senior individuals, which can mean that there are not as many opportunities for the younger generation of professionals and business people to make contacts and perhaps, new friends.

The YEC is an alternative to some of the more traditional marketing events which younger professionals may not find as beneficial, and which are often dominated by those who already have an established reputation and a wide network of contacts.

The YEC is an excellent opportunity for attendees to make new contacts and to build stronger relationships with their existing clients both now and for the future.

It can be common for many of us to deal with each other on a day to day basis despite having never met, the YEC provides an opportunity to informally come out for a drink and to put a face to the name, helping to grow those existing relationships.